The principal object of the Trust, a non-profit organisation is to undertake activities to promote the conservation and protection of wildlife in India as well as the promotion of education and research on flora and fauna in India.


  • To create awareness in wildlife conservation & protection;
  • To provide basic welfare to forest staff by providing basic amenities, healthcare, & education;
  • To involve Public Private Participation (PPP) in resolving problems faced by forest staff
  • To promote / facilitate a PPP model to help increase forest cover / area;
  • To support financially and otherwise, research projects in wildlife conservation & protection activities
  • To promote and carry out activities related to scientific studies, conservation of natural habitats and wildlife
  • To promote wildlife research and related activities in botanical and zoological research, etc
  • To carry out any such other activity that promotes the preservation or development of wildlife, nature and related aspects
  • To actively participate in environmental and conservation activities /projects along with others or on its own or something similar.
  • To work with the regulatory authorities at different levels to improve implementation and enforcement of various laws relating to Wildlife preservation and conservation.
  • To organize seminars, lectures, workshops, discussions etc., on topics of Wildlife conservation, afforestation and allied topics of importance and concern.
  • To collaborate with institutions and individuals who share the same ideals and are desirous of organizing relevant programmes.



To support a wide range of programmes and activities that would improve environmental and ecological conditions in the country and to collaborate with institutions, agencies or bodies engaged in similar work.