Friends of the Foundation are individuals and organisations who contribute their time, effort or even help financially so that the activities of DDRF run smoothly. These individuals and organisations devote their time and money to us in our endeavor to make any project, however small or big a success.

– Rohit Varma

Rohit is a young entrepreneur from the heart of India and having made Bangalore his home has found a creative expression in wildlife photography. The difference between his work and many others is that he sees the whole picture and doesnt take images of ‘bodies’.  Its habitat, animal, birds and anything for that matter in its whole and its momentary presence in the surrounding that he freezes using his camera. His work can be seen at Dhole’s Den and he helps us in many ways than one in our creative expression with himself and his team at RSquare putting in their 100%.

– R.K. Rao

After 16 years in the corporate world and having worked for top financial institutions like Franklin Templeton, ABN AMRO as team leader nurturing and training teams achieve their goals and imparting skills in market survival.  Has quit the corporate world in 2012 and started “Ways 2 Right Living” and offers mentorship programs aimed at the youth of the country to survive and prosper in the ever so competitive corporate world.  Working as Consultant helping  niche brands build a sustainable client base and brand strategy and offers sales training programs making the process efficient and effective. He is also I nvolved actively in formulating various initiatives in education and wildlife conservation.